Independent Study

The Department of Health Science and Human Ecology offers independent study courses. These independent studies are designed to allow the student to perform in-depth research on a specific topic related to their concentration. The student works with a member of the faculty when conducting this research. Therefore, it is important when a student is considering an independent study to consult with a faculty member about the subject area. Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors at graduation must complete an independent study project.

The Departmental policy and the sign up form are provided below:

Department Policy

The following is the approved policy statement to guide us in offering independent study classes in the department:

A. Independent study courses will only be offered in those circumstances in order to provide students with academic experience for which there is no currently existing academic offering in the department or related departments. This includes independent research to support departmental honors at graduation.

B. Independent study courses are not to be utilized as a convenience to students who might have some difficulty scheduling normal course offerings. Unless there are serious extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student, independent study courses cannot be substituted for required courses in the department or major.

C. All independent study courses must be approved by the department chair. The "Independent Study Course Proposal" form (see below) must be completed and approved by the chair the quarter preceding the one in which the independent effort will be conducted. Each independent study must have one faculty advisor and one reader. Both will read and approve the final report before credit will be granted.

D. Course work or other independent research completed at CSUSB or another acceptable institution and which is no more than five(5) years old may be considered as acceptable.

E. Upon completion of the independent study, the student will submit a formal written report to the department chair. This report shall be retained in the department office and shall address the following:

1. Research or project question or purpose
2. Review of literature, body of the report
3. Research methodology/method(s) of collecting data
4. Study results
5. Discussion of the results
6. Specific conclusions and recommendations

F. In addition to a formal written report, the file must also contain a memorandum from the faculty advisor and the reader indicating satisfactory/unsatisfactory completion of the requirements of the independent study.

G. Completion of a formal course of study or self-study that is nationally or state approved and is in the opinion of the advisor and reader to be equivalent to an upper division course may be an acceptable independent study. All file notations as indicated in C, E and G above will be applicable.


View or print the Independent Study Course Proposal Form [PDF].